Wedding Sangeet

We have the expertise to use dance for weaving storied performances that narrates the love story of the to-be-married couple instead of simple dance routines

Weddings are the biggest celebration in Indian culture. And there is no better way to kickstart a wedding than a night of sangeet. Since ages, dancing on the wedding sangeet function eve has become of a tradition. In the current day and age, sangeet nights are not just for dancing on random songs. Instead, they are used to express stories for a memorable performance. These performances need choreography for various styles such as Bollywood wedding dance to end the night on an extraordinary note.

How can we help?

RhythmNext understands the importance of the sangeet night in your life. We have the choreographers that specialise in various forms of dancing to match your plan.

We can help you organise:

  • Story-based sangeet choreography for a fantastic evening
  • Intimate dance sequence for the newlywed couple
  • Sangeet acts involving closest relatives
  • Sangeet acts involving friends

Living abroad with little time for practice before you arrive for tying the knot? Don’t break a sweat. We’ve got a team of talented choreographers who will send you videos to practice the dance while we teach the moves to your family and friends. This will keep the bride and groom ready when to arrive in the country to rejoice a wonderful wedding and a musical sangeet function.

Why RhythmNext

RhythmNext is your reliable partner if you are looking to dance like professionals at your Wedding Sangeet. So call us now and get ready to welcome the marriage with the best choreographers in India!

RhythmNext is a community of top choreographers, spearheaded by the dancing legend Remo D’Souza.
Remo D’Souza handpicks the choreographers after reviewing their skills and abilities
Our choreographers have several years of experience in teaching various forms of dancing such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba and more
We have choreographers who are experts at training children and elderlies