Dance Workshops

We have the expertise to arrange a dance workshop that helps children and adults learn various types of dancing. We also provide dance movement therapy workshops on request.

Dance workshops are a great way to bring communities together or add an extra-curricular activity at schools and universities. People of any age enjoy dancing in their own way. Giving them a workshop means they can move better, use it as a therapy and can even use it as a stepping stone towards a career in dance performances. Since workshops can be arranged for a single day or a few days, it is the best way to understand the basics of various dance styles.

How can we help?

Dance workshops are events held at schools, universities, community spaces and societies. Whether it’s aimed at training children during the summer vacations or teach Bollywood dancing to teenagers, RhythmNext has specialised choreographers with proficiency in several dance styles.

For dance workshops, we can provide:

  • Workshop for schools and universities
  • Group dance for families and societies
  • Advanced workshop with celebrity choreographers

These workshops are fully customised keeping in mind the audience, the number of hours or days allocated and the dance style involved.

Why RhythmNext

RhythmNext is your reliable partner if you are looking to arrange a dance workshop. Call us now and get ready to take the first step towards dancing with the best choreographers in India!

RhythmNext is a community of top choreographers, spearheaded by the dancing legend Remo D’Souza.
Remo D’Souza handpicks the choreographers after reviewing their skills and abilities
Our choreographers have several years of experience in teaching various forms of dancing such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba and more
We have choreographers who are experts at training children and elderlies