Cultural Event

We can arrange dance performances for cultural events that aim to bring people together. Our choreographers are experienced at training all individuals of all ages so that they can give a memorable performance.

Cultural Events are one of the most common and important events that bring together people of a specific community, society and profession. It is one of the traditional ways to rejoice and celebrate the togetherness that the people share. And there is no better way to celebrate such an event than dancing all the way.

How can we help?

Societies and communities that are looking to bring people together and entertain them can hire RhythmNext’s services. We have the choreographers specialised in various forms of dancing such as Bhangra, Garba and Bollywood Dance to help you create memorable performances.

RhythmNext has well-versed dancers that can help with choreography of:

  • Group dance in various dance forms for people of all ages
  • Individual performances

For individuals that wish to participate in the event but have little time due to residency in other countries, we have the perfect plan for you. Our choreographers will send you easy-to-follow video tutorials that will bring you up to speed with others when you arrive for the performance.

Why RhythmNext

RhythmNext is your reliable partner if you are looking to arrange dance performances for your Cultural Event. So call us now and get ready to celebrate the commonness in your community with the best choreographers in India!

RhythmNext is a community of top choreographers, spearheaded by the dancing legend Remo D’Souza.
Remo D’Souza handpicks the choreographers after reviewing their skills and abilities
Our choreographers have several years of experience in teaching various forms of dancing such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba and more
We have choreographers who are experts at training children and elderlies