Corporate Fitness

We have the expertise to use dance choreography as a form of fitness to help corporate employees stay healthy.

Corporates require their employees to perform at peak level to make the best use of resources and in turn, grow the company. These employees must get mental breaks and physical workout to stay in their best form. One of the best ideas to do so in a corporate structure is to create a dance fitness program that helps them burn calories while promoting mental health. A host of corporate fitness training programs in various dance styles such as Hip Hop and Salsa can be arranged between work timings or after working hours. It will not only keep them happy but adding such activities at the workplace can motivate them and boost their loyalty towards your company.

How can we help?

As a part of your corporate wellness fitness programs, you can arrange dance workshops for every department, especially the ones that are overworked and need some way to let off the steam. RhythmNext has top choreographers specialised in the field of fitness dance choreography to help your employees stay fit while enjoying the process.

Our corporate fitness training package is fully customisable according to your needs. Some of the key features included in our services are:

  • Dance fitness training for employees on a weekly basis
  • Training in various forms such as Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop and Bollywood dancing
  • Choreographers that are specialised in using dance for fitness

These fitness programs are fully customised as per the dance style and the number of employees in your company. We facilitate top choreographers and a fitness plan to involve all the departments on an ongoing basis

Why RhythmNext

RhythmNext is your reliable partner if you are looking to start a dance fitness training for your employees. Call us now and get ready to impress your employees with the best fitness training by the best choreographers in India!

RhythmNext is a community of top choreographers, spearheaded by the dancing legend Remo D’Souza.
Remo D’Souza handpicks the choreographers after reviewing their skills and abilities
Our choreographers have several years of experience in teaching various forms of dancing such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba and more
We have choreographers who are experts at training children and elderlies