Punjab – the land of Bhangra and everything fun!

India is a land of a myriad cultures that vary every 20 kilometers or so. Each region brings along with it, a unique legacy of dialect, attire, cuisine and dance form. One such culturally rich state is that of Punjab. Having witnessed the migration and settlement of different races, the land is pretty much synonymous as the melting point of Punjabi Civilization. As a matter of fact, the first traces of human habitation in India were found it the Punjab region.

People here strictly go by the mantra- Live, Love & Laugh. It welcomes you with open arms and hugs as warm as Sarso da saag te makke di roti. Needless to say, Punjabis are fun loving people and precisely it is this element of fun that is reflected in everything they do, more so in their dance form. Punjab has a very rich tradition of dances, especially folk dances. The exuberance and vitality of their zestful life is clearly evident in these dances. The most popular among them is the Bhangra which represents the dynamism of its people. This dance form mainly involves men performing to the fast beats of drum and music. Though originally it was m eant to be performed during Baisakhi, the harvest festival, with changing times it has become a regular feature in almost all festive occasion today. A rather unique thing about Punjabi dances is that there is no common dance for both men and women. Rather they have their own separate dances, Bhangra for men and Gidda for women. However these two can be combined together for a typical performance.

What started off by farmers to dance and sing songs about village life, Bhangra has gone through new highs in popularity and innovation. Right from Ludhiana to London or be it from Chandigarh to Canada, Bhangra has taken the whole world under its wing. Bollywood has played a major role in popularizing this dance form with memorable hits like Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri (Naya Daur) to Sadi Gali (Tanu weds Manu) to Kaala Chashma (Baar Baar Dekho) to name a few. Come to think of it, no Sangeet function of a wedding or for that matter Baaraat is complete without the audience swaying to Bhangra moves. No wonder then that the hunt for talented Choreographers is one of the top priorities at any Punjabi wedding. That’s where www.rhythmnext.com seems like a boon in disguise. A community that brings together talented choreographers near you to not just train you to perfection but also to leave your audience speechless. And not just Bhangra, be it any dance form for any event, they have the best choreographers lined up for you.

If you’ve attended a Punjabi wedding you would know for sure they never cease to amaze. From dancing till their feet ache to partying till next day, it is one overwhelming joyride filled with entertainment and madness. So it must be true when they say, Nobody can dance the way Punjabis can. They sure know how to break a leg, vo bhi feel ke saath.

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